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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> segregation never works. harris: stay here for "outnumbered overtime" on the web. book on it. v at noon eastern. glad the judge is here and stacy too. she will be back here tomorrow. "happening now" starts right fox news alert. wall street seeing its biggest plunge in more than a month. >> it is an interest rate hike bite federal reserve. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> republicans gearing up with debate number four. with high stakes how the candidates are preparing. >> plus, we tested tsa. >> and new fears about the deadly skies. >> this is a bomb, in the sinai. al-qaeda and isis are the greatest terror threat in the
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world. >> and new controversy to try a 19 and 20-year-old as juveniles. will it let them off easy? it is all "happening now". >> "happening now" in concorde, new hampshire. hillary clinton is taking questions from the media after filing in the presidential primary. >> let's listen. >> you will work across the aisle and as you you have had a fairly contentious relationship with with the republicans by your own admission, how do you explain to voters that you are a fresh voice. >> when i am in a official position which i have been as secretary of state and two- term senator from new york and work as first lady, a find a lot of common ground with republicans. when i run for officers
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republicans are much more critical. but even when i was first lady, we didn't get health care passed but i worked to reform our adoption with the lead republican on the other side tom delay. i worked as a senator and got good results and as secretary of state i helped to persuade republicans to vote for the nuclear nonproliferation agreement with the democrats to pass it with two- third's vote in the senate. there is an archive of quotees and what they think of the job i have done. and in a political context, of
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course, there is going to be a back and forth. that goes with the territory. i am confident i know how to find common ground. i have done it and will do see again. >> one more. senator, late night tv, obama said if he could have run for a third term he would. how do you see him in new hampshire. >> he's before busy working on his priorities right now. primarily the clinton foundation. he's in latin america. and supports for improved health and clean energy. and see, he will certainly be involved. but he has a great commitment to doing what he can to make sure that what he started will continue to be successful. i predict you will see him up
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here. i am very much pleased he did deputy to iowa with me and i know he will be here in new hampshire and i don't think i could keep him away. he loves to come to new hampshire as you know. he's a great help. he's been a great advisor and supporter in what i have done and will continue to do see. and i look forward to having him with all he knows about getting the economy to work hard and get incomes rising for people when i am president. it would be a great benefit to my administration. [inaudible] [talking over each other] >> is that your experience. do you agree or disagree on everything? >> oh, of course not. we are in the political season and people say all sorts of
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thing. that means he doesn't agree with me on equal pay for equal work or family leave or including making minimum wage rise. that is not the case. i look forward to the case on saturday. if you compare our debate with what you have seen on the republican side. it is substantive and there are differences among us and the voters can judge for themselves. that's what will happen on saturday. >> thank you all. >> just speaking of on the debate. governor o'malley drew a sharper contrast with you. are you expecting more incoming fire and how are you preparing for that? >> let's wait and find out. i am not a political pundit. i am getting up every day doing my job and putting forth what i
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believe and what will work for our country and president i intend to be and working hard for the support. and the debate will speak for itself. and we'll see how that plays out. >> and wait a minute, this gentleman. >> you are a loyal democrat and bernie sanders has been independent and then democrat. and what would you like democrats in new hampshire to know that there is a difference between you and mr. sanders when it comes to party lines. >> i have been a democrat for a very long time and as a democrat not only worked on behalf of issues and causes that i believe in, but i have supported a lot of democrats over the years and campaigned for them and raised money for them. and i encouraged them to run and i will continue to do that. as president, i have told a lot of democrats in the country that
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i want to help to rebuild the party from the grassroots up. we have a lot of work to do in a number of states where democrats no longer have any positions in the federal delegations. and don't have control of the state house or legislature and we see increasing, you know, partisanship and positions taken by the other side that i don't think are in the country's best intchlt i want to work to elect more democrats and we have a clear set of plans of how to persuade people who are not voting democratic lately to understand we are on your side and we'll fight for and you make a difference in the life of you and your kid's life. that's my goal. >> are you nom -- >> no, i am a democrat and i think the other. i know. he has to speak for himself. you will not get me to talk
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about his taking any position that is a political position, i will put forth my position and if there is a contrast there is a contrast. and i am proud to be a democrat and work see hard to be's democrat over all of these years. >> hillary clinton just filed the paper work to run in the new hampshire presidential primary, first in the nation, of course. and she has an opportunity they don't get very often. you heard see many questions thrown at her. and interesting response. she can work with republicans. she finds a lot of common ground with republicans and contrast that to what she had to say in the most recent democratic debate. the enemies that she listed as making was iranians and
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republicans. >> ed o'keefe, i hope you were able to hear some of hillary clinton's answers. has she broken any new ground. >> reporter: it sounds like bill clinton will be coming up to campaign in new hampshire and watched and warmly received there. and the the talk, that she has worked with republicans. there is proof of that in the senate, but the idea of embracing after suggesting they were one of her sworn enemies, that will be difficult to walk back. she questioned the party id of bernie sanders and whether or not he is really a democrat. that matters in new hampshire and across the country and a potential to draw contrast. >> and for his part. bernie sanders is walking back the idea that he gave her a pass on the e-mails in the democratic
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debate. he said you get 12 seconds to say these things. i didn't say end the investigation. that's silly and went on to suggest the fbi ought to do its job in the investigation. >> proof that members of both parties are struggling in the debate formats. it is not dead in his view. and can't be. beyond this, there is not much for him to use against her at this point. there is concern about her trustworthiness and the e-mails have a lot to do with this. sanders and his team is realized that. and that is why he is now drawing the contrast and there are questions of how many were classified and where were they on the server. and that will dog her. sanders will bring tup himself. and that is probably making sense fuare trying to draw cop
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traft with her on policy issues and character issues. >> here is bernie sanders and what he had to say about the e-mail. >> i think the secretary is right. and that is, that the american people are sick and tired of about your dam e-mails. >> thank you, me, too, me, too. >> his campaign suggested he was interrupted and he wanted to make a larger point about the e-mails and how the presence of the e-mail controversy suggest questions of hillary clinton's judgment. the question is that closing the barn door after all of the horses have run out? >> reporter: if he was trying to follow-up, his body language doesn't suggest it at all. he took her handshake. they realize this is the all they have against her and
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continue to raise questions about her honesty and tenure as secretary of state. it will work with a certain segment of democrats and will work with independents and republicans and it will be a issue that comes up in the debate tonight and with with republicans in general. >> the new hampshire primary, first in the north and nation. and a new university poll, shows ben carson leading in the first republican primary in the south, south carolina. he leads with with 28 percent of the republican primary. and donald trump at 27 percent. and senator marco rubio and ted christmas and bush. 11, 9 and 7 percent. >> and what would you expect to see in terms of those numbers? are they solidified and a lot more up and down on the republican side as voters may
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more attention. >> this is an interesting one. we haven't seen many good polls in south carolina. carson was no where near where he is at now. he's not drawing support away from donald trump and we suggest he has soldid sopt. you notice carly fiorina and jeb bush has slipped back. we have three months to go and further evidence that it does remain fluid. and proof that donald trump enjoys the solid support. >> down a few points from the last time they took it, but his lead or position in the top solid foyed. ed o'keefe from the washington post, thank you. >> increasing evidence that
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a russian jet liner in egypt was brought down by a bomb? we'll have lieutenant cow an next on that. >> why one senator is heated up about first responders who rushed to the danger zone on that terrible day. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up.
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>> a passenger jet brought down by an isis bomb. investigators say the noise was an explosion sounding like a bomb blast. amid questions of security in egypt there was electronic chatter after the plane crash. one leading law maker said if isis was responsible it takes the threat posed by the terror
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group to a new level. >> we need to step up our security here, i think george with this, if it is a bomb in the sinai. isis has fully eclipsed al-qaeda as the terrorist group. >> lieutenant cowan is a military analyst. what do you think about that analysis that isis has eclipsed al-qaeda assuming that the bombing is their work and that it now makes them more dangerous than al-qaeda? >> yeah, jon. there is no doubt that isis is a bigger threat than al-qaeda than a long time. look at all of the countries they come from and the passports that don't need to have visas to come to the united states. and look at money that they have behind them.
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isis and now and has been a bigger threat. i don't think it is conclusive that said that aircraft was brought down by an oh, sis bomb. there are 75 investigators and four countries are represented. it is scattered in the desert and no one said they have one piece of forensic evidence with burn fragments or periods or luggage or going to indicate it was a bomb. i am not quite there. i think if some of those things were out there, we would have heard about it already. >> most of the authorities that are experiencing an opinion are not willing to be named publicly. obviously the various investigating agencies have to come to that conclusion. one official said 99 percent certain it was a bomb and
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another said likely to have been a bomb. given the ways that the tsa has failed. 95 percent of the time. failed its own monitoring attempts and putting fake bombs through tsa domestic flights here in the country. how concerned are you that isis could pull off the same thing here? >> well, jon, we probably have the best security in the world with the exception of the israeli airlines. and i know you have been on them. and it is good as it gets. and people are able to get weapons. and i think isis is not looking for a one time event. they are looking at multiple
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events. and some point we should expect that it is going to strike here in the u.s. aviation or trains or transport. they will find and take advantage of. it >> and they will try to figure out how to take on that terrorist organization. thank you. >> and one state rethinking how it tries young adults. trying 18- 20-year-olds as juveniles instead of adults is long overdue. just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care,
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>> right now a change in the justice system in one state. could we see 20-year-olds tried as minors. in illinois they are unveiling a plan to try 18- 20 years old as juveniles instead of adults. the governor believes it would reduce incarceration rates and ease the pressure on prison. the change like this one guest said it is over due. it is nice to have you on the program, vincent. and i know you wrote on this. why is it good to try the 18 or 20 years old as juveniles. >> thank you for having me on. the brains of 18- 20 years old,
10:26 am
their brains are not as developed. they are volatile and not future oriented and if you have a 20-year-old son, it is a duh, statement. they know that. >> but that son can vote for president and actively serve in the u.s. military. see why can he do that and not as an adult in the justice system. >> some things they call cold cognition and hot cognition. >> cold you can deliver over and talk to your parents and other significant. hot happens quickly. driving and crime are two good examples. insurance is extremely experience. and you look at those examples. businesses said not see much on young adults.
10:27 am
>> if we look at brain development, we apply it to nonviolent offense. is that the same argument for a 16 year old who commits murder and rape. >> already the juvenile court has a way to take care of people who shouldn't be held in juf noil court. most get tried as adults, if you raise the age to 21, they could have a semipermanent. it doesn't mean that everyone stays in the juvenile court. >> and that is a good point. what is the benefits if the state of connecticut moves forward. what is the benefit to the state and community. >> i was commissioner of probation in new york city. there is a stark difference; the courts and police and probation treats juveniles and adults.
10:28 am
they are like giving up on the adults, where as, in jouf nils, there is more rehabilitation efforts made. they are not always successful. but if more often than not. importantly there would be less crime by the young people. >> it is a compelling argument. and we look forward to having you back o. >> our legal panel is with us. we have two familiar faces. this is interesting. but it is it a compelling argument jana that maybe an 19 year old should be put in. >> there is a lot of moving parts. i agree we should extend the age in which we hold juveniles liable as opposed to adults for
10:29 am
the reason that your guest said. there is something different about a juvenile brains and most brains don't mature until the mid20s. that is the argument used to justify it. we have no consistency in the country. in new york. consent to have sex at 17. and you can't buy a beer. and you can't fight for the country until 18. >> is that part of the issue? >> that could be dressed in the federal level. but look at the practicality. the brains not fully formed. the issue is money that we are spending on mass incarc ragsz. they are going back in a system. we need to save that money t and go to children's mental health. and spend the money on the front
10:30 am
end. >> burglary and does that mean a 20-year-old would be treated the same as a 13-year-old? >> i think they would be be handled differently. here is the part that doesn't make sense to me. the argument is, it is the brain that is the problem. you are not mature. it makes more sense to punish violent crime as kids. >> that's not the difference in the brain. the difference in the brain is not that they are path logic. and will be the rest of the life. but they are less able to control impulses. >> can you imagine talking to a 20-year-old and saying you will not be viewed as an adult in the court of law. some 20 years old that makes sense. but others, it is important to
10:31 am
have severe consequences see they don't go back to the life of crime. >> it is appropriate to have the judges to determine. and in the adult system there is less discretion. >> where do you draw the line. some say you draw at age 25. >> here's the key. what age are you beyond being rehabilitated? can you be rehabilitated and not have to register as a sex offender. and following you around and get in college and have a career. is there a cut off? >> we'll have to end with our viewers. i will be curious. >> no hate mail. >> all fair. and john? >> they ran in burning buildings to help any way they could.
10:32 am
and now they face threat to their health care because programs to help them has run out. >> we'll talk to a senator gillebrand next.
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who wants to try? before earning enough cash back from bank of america to stir up the holidays, before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> lack of federal money threatening the health care. who can forget the first responders running in the twin towers to help anyone they can.
10:36 am
cash failed to extend the program to extend the treatment centers. it was named for a new york officer who died. and keep in mind one of the attacks held in new york city. it helps participants in all 50 states. these are not just initial responders. but responded in the weeks or months. and joiningny is senator gillibrand wo is working to get the bill extended. senator, this seems to be a bipartisan support. what is going on? >> it is supported in a wildly bipartisan way. we have the senators and house
10:37 am
members. no reason why we can't vote and it is about our moral character as a nation. because of a lack of empathy and urgency this bill has expired and we have to renew it and make it permanent. >> who is to blame that there has not been a vote on it. >> there are two house chairman who are trying to cut it in fact and not fund all of the health care needed for the cancers and diseases and doesn't compensate those who are due compensate today. they are not standing by our first responders. you need to make sure viewers call and demand action nothing gets done unless regular people stand up and demand action. >> democrats have the majority in the senate. you have the support from harry
10:38 am
reid? >> both senator reid and mcconnell are not standing in the way or objecting. we hope to get a vote and attach it to a bill that is moving. for these first responders, they are dying in their 40s and 50s of horrible cancers and if they don't get the health care, they die. and they can co-go bankrupt. it is it a moral urgency. it creates a anxiety for these men and women and they are very sick and we need to do the right thing now. >> no one wants that for these heroes as we mentioned. >> going back to 2010. it is hard to get past. and the viewers may not remember that. there was a issue with the prime and time frame. it was cut four billiop over
10:39 am
four years and why we are here now. and see what are you{for. billion a year or a certain time frame. >> first time we passed unanimously and created a five year bill to show no fraud and we could do the research and show which diseases were caused by the toxins released on 9/11. we have a five year track record of no fraud and health centers to meet the illness. we are{for it to be permanent and make sure it is there for 70000 people. we know 30 percent of them are sick. and we know that 200 firefighters and police officers who died since 9/11. and 5000 of them have cancer already. and we know what we are dealing with and we know what we need.
10:40 am
we don't want to come back every five years. they deserve more. we have a problem for people in the nuclear industry that have health care for. and those who have black lung disease that works in the mines. and they are dying sooner they they should. >> even though you are a senator in new york. it needs to know underscored that people are getting treatment in all 50 states. it is a national story. what is your understanding. you mention two republicans that have concerns about the price tag. and it would be a permanent reauthorization from the bill. what is your understanding to why it is not happening and standing in the way and viewers can understand what to tell law makers. >> it is not based on facts or
10:41 am
reality. they didn't talk to experts that run the program or the authors of the bill and house members. they did it arbitrarily and in a cynical way. and it doesn't relate to how much it costs. we know how much it costs and not known in this bill. and they created an arbitrary solution. >> is there a number, senator that is attached and you know how much it costs to treat people. >> yes, we do. we know how much it costs for the health care and estimate the compensation. and we'll fully pay for that. >> i think our viewers would like to request know. >> we know the health care bill is 2.5 billion lifetime for the first responders. and we know how long they will live. and a sad fact.
10:42 am
they are dying. a police who worked her whole life as a first responder died. it is commonplace now. we have lost more police officers since 9/11 than on 9/11. >> and it is a reminder to the people it had a proval for a five year time frame. we are looking for the lifetime of the patients. i hope you will come back p. >> thank you and please call in your septemberor or house member. your voice matters. >> coming up, an advocate for sanctuary cities to be the new head of u.s. border patrol. >> and plus, greg hardy takes
10:43 am
the fold with support of his team and this is d'amaetails fr his domestic abuse.
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>> happy monday. conservative action group released the first ever presidential candidate review. who is willing to pay the price for taking on government favorittism. >> and a man accused of killing his wife. we'll show you the surveillance video from the fbi. and a company with malls across the country puts up a glacier display instead of christmas trees. boy, did they hear from customers. >> and a shooting death of a little boy with tump autism and his father.
10:47 am
the father showed to have his hands up and posed no threat. and the charges are prompted by somebody and said it was disturbing. the dallas cowboys are standing by greg hardy after pictures of his badly bruised exgirlfriend were published. jones expressing confidence in the second chance he gave star. cording to dead spin this is part of nicole holder's account to police. holder telling the detective and referring to hardy. his pupils were tiny and he
10:48 am
looked crazy. his face was blank. i never seen him look at me like that. >> what were you thinking while this was going on? >> he was going to kill me and this is it. this time he's going to do it. joining me now is fox news contractor jim gray. >> the nfl is trying very hard to be tough on players who are accused of any kind of domestic abuse. why is this case. he's back playing with the cowboys and a bigger star than ever. why. >> the nfl tried to get it right. the commissioner suspended him t ten games. mr. richards paid him 13 million not to play. and he cuts him. and turns him loose against the
10:49 am
wishes of the players on the team because the team wanted to see him play. talent is much more than appealing and the cowboys pick him up. he is a good player. he used the panthers money to pay off the woman and there was no jury trial. he's beat the system. and what jerry jones said it is wonderful to give him a second chaps. greg hardy has not paid any debt to society. he is be in jail and not on the field and that is where the outrage comes. >> greg has a commitment to us and the right thing and commitment to the team mates and team. and the way it is set up in the nfl and we wanted to give greg a second chance and you loedz
10:50 am
that in the nfl if you don't do the right things. if you will dot right things and take advantage of the community and this second chance, then we'll see how it goes. >> he hasn't paid much of a price to this point? >> it is out of order. he got his money last year and now he gets a four game suspension. the arbitrator ruled that the commissioner had to suspend him based on the rules before the new conduct policy that went in to affect after ray rice. and now the nfl is overturned. the union should not go after people where they see the case was. the pictures were not available but the transcript was.
10:51 am
he was convicted bite nfl. i do fault the cowboys for putting him out on the field. and i do fault the union who protects a guy with this type of behavior. we'll be right back. active hh protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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former san francisco police chief and supporter of the sanctuary city policy on the short list of candidates to become new border patrol head. >> p the first female chief in san francisco was the first asian-american to head a major city agency. she was controversial in san francisco for an incident called videogate which she spew supported a comedy christmas date by officers and sided with those who thought it was sexist
10:55 am
and offensive and politically incorre incorrect. then her support for sanctuary city policies even after crack dealers were sent to halfway houses and were not deported, she doubled down, reassured illegal immigrants they this had no fear of being deported on her watch. >> we do not work on enforcing immigration laws. >> current customs and border commissioner is going to appoint the next border patrol chief, and that is the largest law enforcement agency in the federal government. it has agents, some i spoke with who are stunned who say essentially we put our lives on the line every day to catch and deport illegal immigrant and here's someone who believes those people deserve a free pass, including those who commit crimes. congressman mike mccaul's committee oversees the border patrol. >> if you have someone who is advocating for sanctuary cities,
10:56 am
that's just the opposite side. they welcome these illegal immigrants to stay in the country. and so i think it's a cross-purpose with the mission itself. >> fong is one of four candidates. if tapped, she would be the first person to head, jenna, anout cider if you will to head the agency with a 90-year history. we're waiting word from dhs about their response to this situation. back to you. >> william, thank you. all right, imagine coming face to face with this. take a look at this gigantic alligator. where he was caught trying to visit a shopping mall.
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11:00 am
houston. >> 12-foot alligator outside a mall in houston? this isn't something you see every day. officials think the partially blind gator was lost. he's on a way to a sanctuary where experts will try to set him up with a girlfriend. it will work out well for him. >> and they'll untie him. thank you for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. happy monday, everybody. the stage is being set right now in milwaukee for the republican presidential debate just over 24 hours from now. hi, i'm gretchen carlson. we're here to bring you "the real story" today. here are the eight candidates whole be appear on the main stage in prime-time on the fox business channel. the debate will focus on questions on our economy. now donald trump targeting ben carson who is in a showdown of his own with the media. chief political correspondent carl cameron live for us as we continue to look at the candidates, live in milwaukee with more. carl, in the wake of all the cnbc controversy will this be a substance debate or another


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